The first open-world MMORPG on mobile
where players can earn cryptocurrency

ICO starts on October 23, 2017
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GTR Inductee
Last year, we were among only 10 indie game projects from all over the world selected by Global Top Round, a U.S.-based gaming accelerator. We received a round of investment and an acceleration program from them. We're proud to say that Mr. Peter Van Dyke, Director of Product in GTR, agreed to become our ICO advisor.
Pre sale is open now for purchases of more than 20 ETH. Discount is 20%!
About Lordmancer II
Lordmancer II is a mobile free-to-play massively multiplayer online RPG that allows players to mine cryptocurrency and spend it both inside and outside of the game. The game is already in open beta testing on Android.
Real-time player-versus-player interaction
Vast, constantly expanding game world
Game economy based on open market and trading between players
Clash of clans for territory, capturing castles and resource mines.
Usage of Token
We endeavor to create a safe space for trading, and foster the in- and extra-game economy by using a cryptocurrency token, named Lord Coin (LC), as a payment medium for player-to-player trades and thus facilitating the sale of unique or rare game content. LC tokens can enter the game economy only after being purchased at a cryptocurrency exchange. They can later be taken out of the game and sold. The developer will provide safe spaces in which even players unfamiliar with cryptocurrency markets can purchase and trade LCs for traditional currencies.
Token turnover
Players will be able to trade on an open game market using LordCoins (LC) as a payment method. When a LC transaction occurs, the game takes a commission of 20%. Of that, 50% is burned and the other half moves the Game Funds Ethereum wallet. Game Funds tokens are used by the game developer to support operations: server costs, player support, marketing activities, etc.

Burning of a fraction of LCs with every in-game transaction provides:
  • Constant demand for LCs on the open market
  • Bullish price pressure on remaining LCs
Player-to-player trading
ICO Structure
Pre ICO started on August 21, 2017 and was sold out within 5 days
334 ETH were raised and 2'000'000 LCs were distributed.

The main ICO round begins on October 23, 2017.
The price for one LC will be set to $0,1 - $0,125 depending on the date and sum of purchase.
When black markets develop on the sidelines of most MMORPG, most developers would panic. But with today's rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, a growing group of game-makers are embracing some gamers' tendency to turn in-game currency into real-world money.
The Merkle
Players' desire to somehow earn money while playing is nothing new. Real money trading in games has always been illegal or at least strongly discouraged by most game developers, especially in MMORPGs. Lordmancer II seeks to legalize typically "illegal" market for game items by introducing a cryptocurrency token as a second "hard currency" named Lord Coin.
It's one of the beauties of MMO RPGS, the game isn't static, it grows and every now and then offers new lands to discover, new quests, new units, new rewards.
"We were developing a mobile MMO RPG for 3 years, created a great game, and raised 112.000 dollars in cryptocurrency in just 5 days on an ICO" -- co-founder ILYA MIKOV answers questions from all around the world.
'로드맨서2(원제: Lordmancer Ⅱ)'는 러시아 게임 개발사 액티브 게임즈(Active Games, 공동대표 안톤 텔리칀(Антон Телицын), 일리야 미코프(Илья Миков)가 현재 개발 중인 모바일 MMORPG다. 러시아 내에서 소프트 런칭을 실시하고 있으며 오는 10월 23일 ICO(신규가상화폐공개: initial coin offering) 할 예정이다
Real money trading has a long history in the game industry, and has been historically banned or discouraged by most Western game developers and publishers, especially in the case of MMORPGs.
Management team
Anton Telitsyn
co-founder, CEO
A software developer for 8 years, Anton graduated with an MBA in Management. A trusted and respected leader, Anton has a strong technical and management background paired with profound knowledge of the technologies behind consumer software development. Anton is a serial tech team leader in a number of startups together with Ilya.

LinkedIn profile
Ilya Mikov
A serial entrepreneur, Ilya started his first business in 2003 and exited in 2008 after raising venture capital from a diverse group of business angels. Over 18 years as an active entrepreneur in software and telecom, he has founded and co-founded multiple cash-positive businesses. The idea of a multiplayer Java game came to Ilya as early as in 2006, before market had seen anything similar – this idea came to fruition as Lordmancer I, the predecessor of Lordmancer II.

Ilya hosted #CryptoAMA session on August 29
LinkedIn profile
Development team
Petr Klepcin
team lead
12 years of experience in software development. Server and client programmer.
Andrey Zobov
lead designer
Graphic designer with 15 years of experience across multiple projects15 years of experience in graphic design.

Alex Onuchin
game designer
Passionate game and graphic designer, Lordmancer II is his third project
Anton Semakin
lead 2D artist
Game artist with 18 years of experience across multiple projects
Maxim Skrupski
senior developer
Unity framework jedi, client- and server-side developer.
Ildar Fasckhetdinov
client side
Recent alumni of a local CS University dept, winner of a few scientific competitions.
Eugene Kostarev
server developer
Eugene is the mainstay of Lordmancer II's server development and network protocols.
Marsel Atnyashev
Profound knowledge of React.js, Scala, Go,
Google Closure, Postgres, Sphinx.
Shaban Shaame
EverdreamSoft, Founder & CEO
Shaban founded EverdreamSoft, a Swiss-based game company, in 2010. He pioneered in-game blockchain integration with Spells of Genesis and BitCrystals economy, giving players true ownership of their digital game assets. Everdreamsoft is also developing a Blockchain Gaming Platform which will help game studios embrace blockchain technology and transform the game industry. EverdreamSoft's ICO was back in 2015, and since then BitCrystals, the token of Spells of Genesis, saw x23 growth with x46 at its peak.

Peter Van Dyke
Peter is a long-time veteran of the industry with nearly a decade of experience designing, developing, publishing, and managing games in the US and South Korea. As CSO at GTR, he has developed a platform enabling small studios to reach out across the world for players and help guide and support them during development and beyond.

Dmitry Sutormin
Angel investor
Dmitry is a prominent russian angel investor in IT and telecom spheres. He has vast experience, had done quite a few successful multi-million exits. Formerly, Dmitry was a marketing consultant and the CEO of a training company specializing in marketing. A mobile games enthusiast, Dmitry has plenty of brilliant insights to share with the team.

Development Roadmap
Can you guarantee that Lordmancer II will be finished and launched?
Absolutely. The game is almost ready, with its beta version released and available in Google Play. Lordmancer II was selected to Global Top Round game accelerator in August 2016 and received $40K of seed investment. It clearly shows that we are capable of finishing this project.
Why is it dubbed "II"? Was there a "first" Lordmancer?
Yes. Back in 2008 the team launched Lordmancer I. It was one of the first online RPG games made for Java feature phones! It was a free-to-play game with the same main mechanics: real-time PvP, expandable game world, open market, clan wars. It was a tremendous challenge to put so much into rather primitive devices.
And the most exiting fact is that Lordmancer I is still up and running! Check it out:
When will the croudfunding campaing begin?
The main ICO round starts on October 23th, 2017 at 6am GMT.
Don't miss it out!
How can I participate in your ICO?
Tokens will be distributed to crowdfunding campaign backers. Use an Ethereum client of your choice (Geth, Parity, Mist) or Myetherwallet to send ether to a crowdfunding contract address that will be announced on the day when campaign starts.

Make sure to keep your private keys for the address used to send ether to the contract safe and secure, this will be the address that will hold your LC tokens. Please do not send ether to Lordmancer crowdfunding contract from wallets hosted by exchanges, make sure you always use your private key.
Why I can't see my LC tokens in my wallet?
To see your LC balance in MyEtherWallet and Mist you should manually add it to your wallet.
When LC token will be listed on exchanges and on which ones?
LC will be available on secondary market after the crowdfunding campaign is over. We can't yet announce which exchanges will trade LCs. While the token sale is still open it wouldn't make sense to trade tokens anyway, since LC will be available to everyone from the crowdfunding contract directly and exchange rate to ether is the same for everyone.
What happens if all of LC tokens will be burnt someday?
Indeed, as 10% of tokens are burnt in each transaction, the amount of tokens will be constantly decreasing. LC token has 18 decimals and it can be splitted. We estimate that the game will have enough amount of currency for more than 5 years of its lifetime. When most of LC are burnt, we will issue a new token. Holders of existing tokens will receive corresponding amount in new tokens for free, so that their value is 100% preserved! More detail in our White Paper.
How to report a bug?
Any feedback about the game is welcome here: